23 Potted Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds


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If there is one thing more satisfying than seeing the flowers in your garden bloom to life, it’s watching a hummingbird dart in and out between them. You can increase the likelihood of seeing these feathered friends if you have a hummingbird feeder in your yard, but the real secret to attracting hummingbirds to your garden is by planting their favorite flowers.

Which flowers do hummingbirds like best?

The best flowers for hummingbirds are tubular flowers that are rich in nectar. You can arrange a planter of potted plants they will love by placing the tallest flowers in the center and surrounding them with rings of smaller, shorter plants.

Are hummingbirds attracted to red flowers?

Yes, hummingbirds do prefer red flowers. There are also plenty of orange, purple, and blue flowers that will still attract them. You want to look for flowers with bold and bright colors that also produce a high amount of nectar. Hummingbirds don’t have a very good sense of smell, so they rely heavily on color to identify the flowers that are best for their diet.

23 Beautiful Potted Plants That Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard

Hummingbirds have to eat at least once every 15 minutes to survive, and they can visit as many as 1,000 different flowers every day. Even though the majority of their diet is made up of insects, they spend the majority of their time hunting down that sweet, sweet nectar.

There are far too many potted plants that are great for hummingbirds to list them all in this article, so we’ve gathered only the best options. Here are 23 beautiful flowers to consider when deciding which potted plants to put in your garden


Each of the many different varieties of Agastache is rich in nectar. The variety shown here is called Sunset Hyssop and is also excellent for attracting butterflies.

Bee Balms

Most hummingbirds’ favorite Bee Balm is the Scarlet Bee Balm, which has spiky clusters or red petals. If you want your garden to be as fragrant as it is beautiful, this plant has the added benefit of a distinct minty aroma.

Canna Lilies

These gorgeous lilies bloom later in summer and continue through the fall. In addition to its vibrant flowers, this plant has beautiful leaves that can also come in a variety of colors.

Cardinal Flower

If you need to brighten up a shady spot in your garden, get some Cardinal Flowers. These bright red flowers are easy for hummingbirds to spot no matter where you put them.


Colorful cleomes can grow to be 4 to 5 feet tall. They are crowned with large clusters of flowers with long petals and stamens that are easy for hummingbirds to reach.


Columbines are a great choice for those who like to let their flowers reproduce and grow across their garden naturally. They are well-known for self-sowing and hummingbirds love them.

Coral Bells

The tiny, delicate blossoms of Cora Bells may seem to be the opposite of everything you should look for when trying to attract hummingbirds, but it turns out hummers love them. Many gardeners prune these flowers to save energy for the rest of the plant, but if you let them bloom you’ll have a great unexpected source of hummingbird nectar.


Lilies are such a radiant presence in your yard that attracting hummingbirds is just a bonus. Their large cup-like flowers create an easy way for the tiny birds to collect their nectar, and they also attract bees and butterflies.


Dianthus grows in a wide variety of bright colors that are all hummingbird magnets. These flowers are great for planters and will grow anywhere from 8 to 18 inches in height.

Four O’Clocks

Four O’Clocks get their unique name from the fact that they don’t open until late afternoon. Once they do open, they’re the perfect shape for hummingbirds to feed out of.


The flowers of foxgloves hang downward like bells off of a stem that rises a couple of feet from the soil. This cascade of multiple blooms opening close together is excellent for hummingbirds.


Fuschia comes in many types, and the trailing varieties are perfect for planting in hanging baskets for hummingbirds to create a nectar source higher up in the air.


Geraniums are excellent filler plants to place in rings around the outside of taller flowers in pots and planters. They do need 6-8 hours of sun every day, so be sure to plant them somewhere that isn’t too shady.


Hollyhocks are at home in a country garden, perhaps growing against a barn wall or a white picket fence. Their round, wide petals and star-shaped blooms are reminiscent of a picture a child might draw.


These low-maintenance flowers love the shade and are great for beginner gardeners. They are perfect filler plants for the outside ring of pots and planters and are highly resistant to pests.


Lantana is another great plant for beginners, and its striking display can even grow into a shrub or a small tree in some regions of the United States. Even if you’re not in one of these areas, this plant still thrives as a beautiful potted annual flower that attracts hummingbirds.


These distinctive plants form a blanket of greenery at their base near the soil, then grow a towering stem that creates a vertical pipe of small purple flowers. These are ideal centerpieces for any potted arrangement.


Pansies come in many different colors and varieties, each more charming than the last. Whatever your preference, the good news is that hummingbirds love all of them.


Petunias are a garden staple and happen to be the perfect shape for hummingbirds to feed on. Traditional, open-pollinated varieties are more fragrant while some of the newer varieties do not have much of a scent. This is also a trailing plant that you can place in hanging baskets.

Red Hot Pokers

Just like moths to a flame, hummingbirds can’t resist the pull of these torch-like flowers. Also known as Torch Lilies, these orange and yellow flowers may as well be a painted target guiding hummers right into your garden.


There are many types of Salvia, and while all are loved by hummingbirds it’s the red variety they can’t resist.


While many of the flowers on this list bloom in the heat of summer, snapdragons like to bloom in the cooler seasons. This makes them a force for balance in your garden and helps to make sure the annuals aren’t the only thing left when summer is over.


Weigela is a plant that many gardeners had lost interest in until very recently. The creation of newer varieties helped this shrub regain popularity, some of which boast a blanket of bright red flowers.

Which flowers should I choose for my garden?

Any one of these vibrant flowers would be a great addition for attracting hummingbirds to your yard, so which one should you sprinkle into your garden?

The biggest factor when making this decision is your location. You’ll want to choose the flowers that are local to your region. Planting native species not only increases the chances that your flowers will thrive, but it’s also a surefire method to attract the hummingbirds in your area. After all, the flowers that grow naturally around you are the ones your hummingbirds already know and like.

It’s also important to consider whether the flowers you select are annual, biennial, or perennial for hummingbirds. Having a good balance of these is important to ensure that your garden is producing nectar anytime hummingbirds are near.

Your Flowers Will Benefit From Hummingbird Visits

The relationship you have with the hummingbirds that visit your yard might feel symbiotic. You provide them with food and shelter, and in return, they entertain you. But the real symbiotic relationship in this scenario is the one between your hummingbirds and your flowers.

Now that you’ve created a garden full of beautiful, nectar-rich flowers, you’re going to attract more than just hummingbirds. Your collection of diverse vegetation will also attract a large number of insects.

Many of these insects are harmful to your plants, but luckily for you – your hummingbirds have got you covered. They’re like your own private task force of insect exterminators.

So when you’re picking out the best potted flowers to attract hummingbirds to your yard, rest easy in the fact that those same hummingbirds will keep your flowers safe and healthy.

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